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Moving the Cell Pointer after Entering Data
Moving the Cell Pointer after Entering Data
By default, Excel automatically moves the cell pointer to the next cell down when you press Enter
after entering data into a cell. To change this setting, use the Excel Options dialog box (choose
Options). The setting you’re looking for is on the Advanced tab of the Excel Options dialog
box, in the Editing Options section (see Figure 30-1).
The check box that controls this behavior is labeled After Pressing Enter, Move Selection. When
that check box is enabled, you can also specify the direction in which the cell pointer moves
(down, left, up, or right).
Figure 30-1: Use the Advanced tab in the Excel Options dialog box to specify where to move the cell
pointer after you press Enter.
Your choice is completely a matter of personal preference. I prefer to keep this option turned off
and use the arrow keys rather than press Enter. Not surprisingly, the arrow keys send the cell
pointer in the direction that you indicate. For example, if you’re entering data in a row, press the
right-arrow key rather than Enter. The other arrow keys work as expected, and you can even use
the PgUp and PgDn keys.
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