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Creating Multisheet Names
Creating Multisheet Names
Names can extend into the third dimension; in other words, they can extend across multiple
worksheets in a workbook. You can’t simply select the multisheet range and type a name in the
Name box, however. You must use the New Name dialog box to create a multisheet name. The
syntax for a multisheet reference looks like this:
In Figure 3-8, a multisheet name, DataCube, defined for A1:C3, extends across Sheet1, Sheet2, and
Figure 3-8: Create a multisheet name.
You can, of course, simply type the multisheet range reference in the Refers To field. If you want
to create the name by pointing to the range, though, you’ll find it a bit tricky. Even if you begin
by selecting a multisheet range, Excel does not use this selected range address in the New Name
dialog box.
Follow this step-by-step procedure to create a name called DataCube that refers to the range
A1:C3 across three worksheets (Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3):
1. Activate Sheet1.
2. Choose Formulas Defined Names Define Name to display the New Name dialog box.
3. Type DataCube in the Name field.
4. Highlight the range reference in the Refers To field, and press Delete to delete the range
5. Click the sheet tab for Sheet1.
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