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How Excel Maintains Cell and Range Names
Viewing named ranges
When you zoom a worksheet to 39 percent or smaller, you see a border around the named
ranges with the name displayed in blue letters, as shown in Figure 3-13. The border and name do
not print; they simply help you visualize the named ranges on your sheet.
Figure 3-13: Excel displays range names when you zoom a sheet to 39 percent or less.
Using names in charts
When you create a chart, each data series has an associated SERIES formula. The SERIES formula
contains references to the ranges used in the chart. If you have a defined range name, you can
edit a SERIES formula and replace the range reference with the name. After doing so, the chart
series will adjust if you change the definition for the name.
See Chapter 17 for additional information about charts.
How Excel Maintains Cell and Range Names
After you create a name for a cell or range, Excel automatically maintains the name as you edit or
modify the worksheet. The following examples assume that Sheet1 contains a workbook-level
name (MyRange) that refers to the following nine-cell range:
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