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The Secret to Understanding Names
The formula in Figure 3-18 uses two worksheet functions. The TODAY function returns the current
date, and the MONTH function returns the month number of its date argument. Therefore, you
can enter a formula such as the following into a cell and it will return the number of the current
month. For example, if the current month is April, the formula returns 4.
A more useful named formula would return the actual month name as text. To do so, create a
formula named MonthName, defined as
See Chapter 5 for more information about Excel’s TEXT function.
Now enter the following formula into a cell and it will return the current month name as text. In
the month of April, the formula returns the text April.
Using cell and range references in named formulas
Figure 3-19 shows yet another example of creating a named formula, this time with a cell
reference. This formula, named FirstChar, returns the first character of the contents of cell A1 on
Sheet1. This formula uses the LEFT function, which returns characters from the left part of a text
string. The named formula is
Figure 3-19: Defining a named formula that uses a cell reference.
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