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Chapter 4: Introducing Worksheet Functions
Introducing Worksheet
In This Chapter
The advantages of using functions in your formulas
The types of arguments used by functions
How to enter a function into a formula
Excel’s function categories
A thorough knowledge of Excel’s worksheet functions is essential for anyone who wants to
master the art of formulas. This chapter provides an overview of the functions available for use in
What Is a Function?
A worksheet function is a built-in tool that you use in a formula. Worksheet functions allow you to
perform calculations or operations that would otherwise be impossible. A typical function (such
as SUM) takes one or more arguments and then returns a result. The SUM function, for example,
accepts a range argument and then returns the sum of the values in that range.
You’ll find functions useful because they
h Simplify your formulas
h Permit formulas to perform otherwise impossible calculations
h Speed up some editing tasks
h Allow conditional execution of formulas — giving them rudimentary decision-making
The examples in the sections that follow demonstrate each of these points.
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