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Function Categories
Figure 4-6: Don’t forget about Excel’s Help system. It’s the most comprehensive function reference
source available.
h On the right side of each box in the Function Arguments dialog box, you’ll see the current
value for each argument that’s entered or the type of argument (such as text or number)
for arguments yet to be entered.
h A few functions, such as INDEX, have more than one form. If you choose such a function,
Excel displays the Select Arguments dialog box that enables you to choose which form
you want to use.
h To locate a function quickly in the Function Name list that appears in the Insert Function
dialog box, open the list box, type the first letter of the function name, and then scroll to
the desired function. For example, if you select the All category and want to insert the
SIN function, click anywhere on the Select a Function list box and type S. Excel selects
the first function that begins with S. Keep typing S until you reach the SIN function.
h If the active cell contains a formula that uses one or more functions, the Function
Arguments dialog box enables you to edit each function. In the Formula bar, click the
function that you want to edit and then click the Insert Function button.
Function Categories
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