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Function Categories
Text functions
The text functions enable you to manipulate text strings in formulas. For example, you can use
the MID function to extract any number of characters beginning at any character position. Other
functions enable you to change the case of text (convert to uppercase, for example).
Logical functions
This category consists of only seven functions that enable you to test a condition (for logical
TRUE or FALSE). You will find the IF function very useful because it gives your formulas simple
decision-making capabilities.
Information functions
The functions in this category help you determine the type of data stored within a cell. For
example, the ISTEXT function returns TRUE if a cell reference contains text. Or you can use the
ISBLANK function to determine whether a cell is empty. The CELL function returns lots of
potentially useful information about a particular cell.
User-defined functions
Functions that appear in this category are custom worksheet functions created by using VBA.
These functions can operate just like Excel’s built-in functions. One difference, however, is that
custom functions do not always display a description of each argument in the Paste Function
dialog box. It’s up to the programmer to provide these descriptions. Also, user-defined functions do
not convert to uppercase when you enter them.
Engineering functions
The functions in this category can prove useful for engineering applications. They enable you to
work with complex numbers and to perform conversions between various numbering and
measurement systems.
Cube functions
The functions in this category allow you to manipulate data that is part of an OLAP data cube.
Compatibility functions
The Compatibility category is new to Excel 2010. Functions in this category are statistical
functions that have been replaced with more accurate functions. However, they are still available for
situations in which you need to share your workbook with those who don’t have Excel 2010.
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