Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Text Functions
The ISTEXT function considers a numeric value that’s preceded by an apostrophe to be text.
However, it does not consider a number formatted as Text to be text — unless the Text
formatting is applied before you enter the number in the cell.
Working with character codes
Every character that you see on your screen has an associated code number. For Windows
systems, Excel uses the standard American National Standards Institute (ANSI) character set. The
ANSI character set consists of 255 characters, numbered from 1 to 255.
Figure 5-1 shows an Excel worksheet that displays all 255 characters. This example uses the
Calibri font. (Other fonts may have different characters.)
Figure 5-1: The ANSI character set (for the Calibri font).
The companion CD-ROM includes a copy of the workbook character set.xlsm . It
has some simple macros that enable you to display the character set for any font
installed on your system.
Two functions come into play when dealing with character codes: CODE and CHAR. These
functions aren’t very useful by themselves. However, they can prove quite useful in conjunction with
other functions. I discuss these functions in the following sections.
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