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Advanced Text Formulas
For example, assume cell A1 contains the text Annual Profit Figures. The following formula
searches for the word Profit and replaces those six characters with the word Loss:
This next formula uses the SUBSTITUTE function to accomplish the same effect in a more
efficient manner:
Advanced Text Formulas
The examples in this section are more complex than the examples in the previous section. But, as
you’ll see, these formulas can perform some very useful text manipulations.
You can access all the examples in this section on the companion CD-ROM in the text
formula examples.xlsx file.
Counting specific characters in a cell
This formula counts the number of Bs (uppercase only) in the string in cell A1:
This formula uses the SUBSTITUTE function to create a new string (in memory) that has all the Bs
removed. Then the length of this string is subtracted from the length of the original string. The
result reveals the number of Bs in the original string.
The following formula is a bit more versatile. It counts the number of Bs (both upper- and
lowercase) in the string in cell A1.
Counting the occurrences of a substring in a cell
The formulas in the preceding section count the number of occurrences of a particular character
in a string. The following formula works with more than one character. It returns the number of
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