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Time-Related Functions
Converting a year to roman numerals
Fans of old movies will like this one. The following formula converts the year 1945 to Roman
numerals: MCMXLV:
This function returns a text string, so you can’t perform any calculations using the result.
Unfortunately, Excel doesn’t provide a function to convert Roman numerals back to Arabic
Time-Related Functions
Excel, as you might expect, also includes a number of functions that enable you to work with
time values in your formulas. This section contains examples that demonstrate the use of these
Table 6-5 summarizes the time-related functions available in Excel. Like the date functions
discussed earlier, time-related functions can be found under the Date & Time drop-down list via
Function Library.
Table 6-5: Time-Related Functions
Returns the hour of a time value
Returns the minute of a time value
Returns the current date and time
Returns the second of a time
Returns a time for a specified hour, minute, and second
Converts a time in the form of text to an actual time value
Displaying the current time
This formula displays the current time as a time serial number (or a serial number without an
associated date):
You need to format the cell with a time format to view the result as a recognizable time. The
quickest way is to choose Home
Format Number and then select Time from the
dropdown list.
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