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Basic Counting Formulas
Counting nonblank cells
The following formula uses the COUNTA function to return the number of nonblank cells in a
range named Data:
The COUNTA function counts cells that contain values, text, or logical values (TRUE or FALSE).
If a cell contains a formula that returns an empty string, that cell is included in the
count returned by COUNTA even though the cell appears to be blank.
Counting numeric cells
To count only the numeric cells in a range, use the following formula, which assumes that the
range is named Data:
Cells that contain a date or a time are considered to be numeric cells. Cells that contain a logical
value (TRUE or FALSE) are not considered to be numeric cells.
Counting nontext cells
The following array formula uses Excel’s ISNONTEXT function, which returns TRUE if its argument
refers to any nontext cell (including a blank cell). This formula returns the count of the number of
cells not containing text (including blank cells):
Counting text cells
To count the number of text cells in a range, you need to use an array formula. The array formula
that follows returns the number of text cells in a range named Data:
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