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Working with Tables
For a different set of color choices, use Page Layout
Themes to select a different
document theme.
Figure 9-4: Excel offers many different table styles.
If applying table styles isn’t working, the range was probably already formatted before
you converted it to a table. (Table formatting doesn’t override normal formatting.) To
clear the existing background fill colors, select the entire table and choose Home➜
Font➜Fill Color➜No Fill. To clear the existing font colors, choose Home➜Font➜
Font Color➜Automatic. After you issue these commands, the table styles should work
as expected.
Navigating and selecting in a table
Moving among cells in a table works just like moving among cells in a normal range. One
difference is when you use the Tab key. Pressing Tab moves to the cell to the right; when you reach
the last column, pressing Tab again moves to the first cell in the next row.
When you move your mouse around in a table, you may notice that the pointer changes shapes.
These shapes help you select various parts of the table.
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