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Working with Tables
Figure 9-7: A table, after performing a three-column sort.
Another way of performing a multiple-column sort is to use the Sort dialog box. To display this
dialog box, choose Home
Sort & Filter
Custom Sort. Or, right-click any cell in the
table and choose Sort
Custom Sort from the shortcut menu.
In the Sort dialog box, use the drop-down lists to specify the first search specifications. Note that
the searching is opposite of what I described in the previous paragraph. In this example, you start
with Agent. Then, click the Add Level button to insert another set of search controls. In this new
set of controls, specify the sort specifications for the Area column. Then, add another level and
enter the specifications for the List Price column. Figure 9-8 shows the dialog box after entering
the specifications for the three-column sort. This technique produces exactly the same sort as
described in the previous paragraph.
Figure 9-8: Using the Sort dialog box to specify a three-column sort.
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