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Working with Tables
Figure 9-14: The Formula AutoComplete feature is useful when creating a formula that refers to data in a
Using this structured table syntax is optional — you can use actual range references if you like.
For example, the following formula returns the same result as the preceding one:
To refer to a cell in the Total row of a table, use a formula like this:
If the Total row in Table2 is not displayed, the preceding formula returns a #REF error.
This formula returns the value in the Total row of the Sales column in Table2.
To count the total number of rows in Table2, use the following formula:
The preceding formula counts all rows, including the Header row and Total row. To count only
the data rows, use a formula like this:
A formula that’s in the same row as a table can use a #This Row reference to refer to table data
that’s in the same row. For example, assume the following formula is in row 3, in a column
outside Table2. The formula counts the number of entries in row 3 of Table2:
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