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Specifying Advanced Filter Criteria
h A home that has been listed for no more than two months, with a list price greater than
h A condominium with square footage between 1,000 and 1,500
h A single-family home listed in the month of March
To join criteria with an AND operator, use multiple columns in the criteria range. Figure 9-20
shows a criteria range that selects records with a list price of less than $250,000 and square
footage of at least 2,000.
Figure 9-20: This criteria range uses multiple columns that select records using a logical AND operation.
Figure 9-21 shows another example. This criteria range displays listings from the month of March.
Notice that the field name (Date Listed) appears twice in the criteria range. The criteria selects
the records in which the Date Listed date is greater than or equal to March 1, and the Date Listed
date is less than or equal to March 31.
Figure 9-21: This criteria range selects records that describe properties that were listed in the month of
The date selection criteria may not work properly for systems that don’t use the U.S.
date formats. To ensure compatibility with different date systems, use the DATE
function to define such criteria, as in the following formulas:
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