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Specifying Advanced Filter Criteria
To join criteria with a logical OR operator, use more than one row in the criteria range. A criteria
range can have any number of rows, each of which joins with the others via an OR operator.
Figure 9-22 shows a criteria range (A1:C3) with two rows of criteria.
Figure 9-22: This criteria range has two sets of criteria, each of which is in a separate row.
In this example, the filtered table shows the rows that meet either of the following conditions:
h A condo with a square footage of at least 1,800
h A single-family home priced less than $250,000
This is an example of the type of filtering that you cannot perform by using standard
(non-advanced) filtering.
You can repeat a value on multiple rows to include the same criteria in two or more AND criteria.
Suppose you want a condo in the Central area, but you would be willing to consider a condo in
another area as long as it has a pool and at least three bedrooms. Figure 9-23 shows how you
use the OR operator between the Area, and the Pool and Bedrooms criteria, but still limit your
search to only one Type.
Figure 9-23: Repeating values in the criteria range applies the OR operator to only those criteria that aren’t
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