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Inserting Subtotals
Figure 9-26: This database is a good candidate for subtotals, which are inserted at each change of the
Figure 9-27: The Subtotal dialog box automatically inserts subtotal formulas into a sorted table.
The Subtotal dialog box offers the following choices:
h At each change in: This drop-down list displays all the fields in your table. You must have
sorted the table by the field that you choose.
h Use function: Choose from 11 functions. (Sum is the default.)
h Add subtotal to: This list box shows all the fields in your table. Place a check mark next
to the field or fields that you want to subtotal.
h Replace current subtotals: If checked, Excel removes any existing subtotal formulas and
replaces them with the new subtotals.
h Page break between groups: If checked, Excel inserts a manual page break after each
h Summary below data: If checked, Excel places the subtotals below the data (the default).
Otherwise, the subtotal formulas appear above the data.
h Remove All: This button removes all subtotal formulas in the table.
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