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Solving Right Triangles
Need to convert other units?
The CONVERT function, of course, doesn’t handle every possible unit conversion. To calculate
other unit conversions, you need to find the appropriate conversion factor. The Internet is a
good source for such information. Use any Web search engine and enter search terms that
correspond to the units you use. Likely, you’ll find the information that you need.
Also, you can download a copy of Josh Madison’s popular (and free) Convert software. This
excellent program can handle just about any conceivable unit conversion that you throw at it.
The URL is
Solving Right Triangles
A right triangle has six components: three sides and three angles. Figure 10-1 shows a right
triangle with its various parts labeled. Angles are labeled A, B, and C; sides are labeled Hypotenuse,
Base, and Height. Angle C is always 90 degrees (or PI/2 radians). If you know any two of these
components (excluding Angle C, which is always known), you can use formulas to solve for the
Figure 10-1: A right triangle’s components.
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