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Summarizing Loan Options Using a Data Table
Figure 13-5: The structure for a one-way data table.
Figure 13-6 shows a one-way data table (in D2:G9) that displays three calculations (payment
amount, total payments, and total interest) for a loan, using eight interest rates ranging from
6.75% to 8.50%. In this example, the input cell is cell B2. Note that the range E1:G1 is not part of
the data table. These cells contain descriptive labels.
Figure 13-6: Using a one-way data table to display three loan calculations for various interest rates.
To create this one-way data table, follow these steps:
1. In the first row of the data table, enter the formulas that return the results.
The interest rate will vary in the data table, but it doesn’t matter which interest rate you
use for the calculations, as long as the calculations are correct. In this example, the
formulas in E2:G2 contain references to other formulas in column B.
E2: =B6
F2: =B7
G2: =B8
2. In the first column of the data table, enter various values for a single input cell.
In this example, the input value is an interest rate, and the values for various interest
rates appear in D2:D9. Note that the first row of the data table (row 2) displays the
results for the first input value (in cell D2).
3. Select the range that contains the entries from the previous steps.
In this example, select D2:G9.
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