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The History of Excel
had additional competition from Quattro Pro — originally a DOS program developed by Borland
International, then sold to Novell, and then sold again to Corel (its current owner).
Excel versions
Excel 2010 is actually Excel 14 in disguise. You may think that this name represents the 14th
version of Excel. Think again. Microsoft may be a successful company, but its version-naming
techniques can prove quite confusing. As you’ll see, Excel 2010 actually represents the 11th Windows
version of Excel. In the following sections, I briefly describe the major Windows versions of Excel.
Excel 2
The original version of Excel for Windows, Excel 2 first appeared in late 1987. It was labeled
Version 2 to correspond to the Macintosh version (the original Excel). Because Windows wasn’t
in widespread use at the time, this version included a runtime version of Windows — a special
version with just enough features to run Excel and nothing else. This version appears quite crude
by today’s standards, as shown in Figure 1-1.
Figure 1-1: The original Excel 2 for Windows. Excel has come a long way since its original version.
(Photo courtesy of Microsoft Corporation)
Excel 3
At the end of 1990, Microsoft released Excel 3 for Windows. This version offered a significant
improvement in both appearance and features. It included toolbars, drawing capabilities,
worksheet outlining, add-in support, 3-D charts, workgroup editing, and lots more.
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