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Naming Array Constants
Figure 14-3: A 3 x 4 array, entered into a 10 x 5 cell range.
Each row of a two-dimensional array must contain the same number of items. The array that
follows, for example, is not valid because the third row contains only three items:
Excel does not allow you to enter a formula that contains an invalid array.
You can use #N/A as a placeholder for a missing element in an array. For example, the following
array is missing the element in the third row of the first column:
Naming Array Constants
You can create an array constant, give it a name, and then use this named array in a formula.
Technically, a named array is a named formula.
Chapter 3 covers names and named formulas in detail.
To create a named constant array, use the New Name dialog box (choose Formulas
Define Name). In Figure 14-4, the name of the array is DayNames, and it refers to the
following array constant:
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