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The Object Model Concept
h A ListBox control on a UserForm (a custom dialog box)
h A chart sheet
h A chart on a chart sheet
h A chart series in a chart
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What’s new in Excel 2010?
Here’s a quick summary of what’s new, relative to Excel 2007:
64-bit version: If your hardware supports it, you can install the 64-bit version, which lets
you create much larger workbooks.
Sparkline charts: Create small, in-cell charts to summarize a range of data graphically.
Pivot table Slicers: A new way to filter and display data in pivot tables.
Pivot table formatting options: You have more control over the appearance of pivot table
File tab: The File tab replaces the Office button, which is located to the left of the other
tabs. Clicking it displays Backstage View , a screen that lets you perform various operations
on your workbook. This view essentially replaces the traditional File and Print menus —
plus quite a bit more.
Draft mode for charts: If you use many highly formatted charts, you can choose to display
them in draft mode for improved performance.
Conditional formatting enhancements: Data bar conditional formatting can display in a
solid color, and the bars provide a more accurate display.
Function enhancements: Many of Excel’s statistical functions have been improved in terms
of numeric accuracy. The old versions of these functions are still available and have been
relegated to a new function category called Compatibility .
Image editing enhancements: You have much more control over the appearance of
graphic images inserted into a workbook.
Paste preview: When you copy a range, the Paste command displays various options
(with preview).
Ribbon customization: End users can customize the Ribbon by adding new tabs and groups.
Equation editor: Create and display (noncalculating) mathematical equations.
Faster processing: Microsoft made some improvements to the calculation engine, and files
load a bit faster.
New security features: Workbooks downloaded from the Internet or from e-mail
attachments are opened in Protected View mode. Workbooks can be designated as “trusted,”
and they don’t need to reside in special trusted folders.
Updated Solver: Excel 2010 includes a new version of the Solver add-in.
Enhancements to VBA: Many operations that used to require old XLM macros can now be
performed directly using VBA macro commands.
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