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Working with Multicell Array Formulas
Figure 15-12: Using an array formula to return unique items from a list.
Displaying a calendar in a range
Figure 15-13 shows the results of one of my favorite multicell array formulas, a “live” calendar
displayed in a range of cells. If you change the date at the top, the calendar recalculates to display
the dates for the month and year.
This workbook is available on the companion CD-ROM. The file is named array
formula calendar.xlsx . In addition, you’ll find a workbook ( yearly calendar.
xlsx ) that uses this technique to display a calendar for a complete year.
After you create this calendar, you can easily copy it to other worksheets or workbooks.
To create this calendar in the range B2:H9, follow these steps:
1. Select B2:H2 and merge the cells by choosing Home Alignment Merge & Center.
2. Type a date into the merged range.
The day of the month isn’t important.
3. Enter the abbreviated day names in the range B3:H3.
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