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Circular Reference Examples
Figure 16-6: This workbook uses circular references to calculate several recursive equations.
Solving simultaneous equations using a circular reference
In some cases, you can use circular references to solve simultaneous equations. Consider the two
simultaneous equations listed here:
3x + 4y = 8
3x + 8y = 20
You need to find the value of x and the value of y that satisfies both equations. First, rewrite the
equations to express them in terms of x and The following represents the first equation, y.
expressed in terms of x:
x = (8 – 4y)/3
The following equation represents the second equation, expressed in terms of y:
y = (20 – 3x)/8
As shown in Figure 16-7, cell B5 is named and cell B6 is named The formulas in these cells Y.
mirror the previous equations. The formula in B5 (X) is
The formula is cell B6 (Y) is
The figure also shows a chart that plots the two equations. The intersection of the two lines
represents the values of X and Y that solve the equations.
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