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Circular Reference Examples
More about circular references
For a practical, real-life demonstration of a circular reference, refer to the sidebar, “About
circular references,” earlier in this chapter.
Animating a chart using iteration
The final intentional circular reference example involves a chart (see Figure 16-8). It’s certainly
not a practical example, but it may help you understand how circular references work.
The line series on the chart displays the COS function for values ranging from 0 to approximately
12.6, using the data in A6:B24.
Figure 16-8: This uses a single-point data series that’s calculated with a circular reference formula.
The chart has an additional data series, consisting of a single point, in range A2:B2. This data
series displays as a single large round marker on the chart. The circular reference formula in cell
A2 is
The formula in cell B2 is
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