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Chapter 17: Charting Techniques
h order: (Required) An integer that specifies the plotting order of the series. This argument
is relevant only if the chart has more than one series. Using a reference to a cell is not
h sizes: (Only for bubble charts) A reference to the range that contains the values for the
size of the bubbles in a bubble chart. A noncontiguous range reference is also valid. (The
range’s addresses are separated by a comma and enclosed in parentheses.) The
argument may also consist of an array of values enclosed in curly brackets.
Range references in a SERIES formula are always absolute, and they always include the sheet
name. For example:
A range reference can consist of a noncontiguous range. If so, each range is separated by a
comma, and the argument is enclosed in parentheses. In the following SERIES formula, the values
range consists of B2:B3 and B5:B7:
Although a SERIES formula can refer to data in other worksheets, all the data for a series must
reside on a single sheet. The following SERIES formula, for example, is not valid because the data
series references two different worksheets:
Using names in a SERIES formula
You can substitute range names for the range references in a SERIES formula. When you do so,
Excel changes the reference in the SERIES formula to include the workbook name. For example,
the SERIES formula shown here uses a range named MyData (located in a workbook named
budget.xlsx ). Excel added the workbook name and exclamation point.
Using names in a SERIES formula provides a significant advantage: If you change the range
reference for the name, the chart automatically displays the new data. In the preceding SERIES formula,
for example, assume the range named MyData refers to A1:A20. The chart displays the 20 values
in that range. You can then use the Name Manager to redefine MyData as a different range — say,
A1:A30. The chart then displays the 30 data points defined by MyData . (No chart editing is
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