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Creating Links to Cells
You can make a copy of a chart as a picture (see the “Unlinking a chart series from its data
range” section). The chart will no longer update if the data changes, but you can apply lots
of interesting image effects to the picture. The accompanying figure shows an example.
Creating Links to Cells
You can add cell links to various elements of a chart. Adding cell links can make your charts more
dynamic. You can set dynamic links for chart titles, data labels, and axis labels. In addition, you
can insert a text box that links to a cell.
Adding a chart title link
The chart title is normally not linked to a cell. In other words, it contains static text that changes
only when you edit the title manually. You can, however, create a link so a title refers to a
worksheet cell.
To create a linked title, first make sure the chart contains the chart element title that you want.
(Use the controls in the Chart Tools
Labels group.) Then:
1. Select the title in the chart.
2. Activate the Formula bar and type an equal sign ( ).
3. Click the cell that contains the title text.
4. Press Enter.
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