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Figure 17-4 shows a worksheet set up to track daily progress toward a goal: 1,000 new customers
in a 15-day period. Cell B18 contains the goal value, and cell B19 sums the values in column B. Cell
B21 contains a simple formula that calculates the percent of goal:
As you enter new data in column B, the formulas display the current results.
Figure 17-4: This chart displays progress toward a goal.
To make the thermometer chart, select cell B21 and create a column chart from that single cell.
Notice the blank cell above cell B21. Without this blank cell, Excel uses the entire data block for
the chart, not just the single cell. Because B21 is isolated from the other data, the data series
consists of a single cell.
Other changes required are
h Select the horizontal category axis and press Delete to remove the category axis from
the chart.
h Add a chart title. (I formatted it to display at an angle and then moved it to the bottom of
the chart.)
h Remove the legend.
h Add data labels to the chart to display the percent accomplished.
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