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Chart Examples
h In the Format Data Series dialog box (Series Options tab), set the Gap width to 0, which
makes the column occupy the entire width of the plot area.
h Select the Value Axis and display the Format Axis dialog box. In the Axis Options tab, set
the Minimum to 0 and the Maximum to 1.
You can make other cosmetic changes as you like. For example, you may want to change the
chart’s width to make it look more like a thermometer, as well as adjust fonts, colors, and so on.
This example, named thermometer chart.xlsx , is available on the companion
Creating a gauge chart
Figure 17-5 shows another chart based on a single cell. It’s a pie chart set up to resemble a gauge.
Although this chart displays only one value (entered in cell B1), it actually uses three data points
(in A4:A6).
A workbook with this example is available on the companion CD-ROM. The filename is
gauge chart.xlsx .
Figure 17-5: This chart resembles a speedometer gauge and displays a value between 0 and 100 percent.
One slice of the pie — the slice at the bottom — always consists of 50 percent. I rotated the pie
so that the 50 percent slice was at the bottom. Then I hid that slice, by specifying No Fill and No
Border for the data point.
The other two slices are apportioned based on the value in cell B1. The formula in cell 44 is
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