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Figure 17-8: You can create a simple Gantt chart from a bar chart.
Column A contains the task name, column B contains the corresponding start date, and column C
contains the duration of the task, in days. Note that cell A1 does not have a descriptive label.
Leaving that cell empty ensures that Excel does not use columns A and B as the category axis.
Follow these steps to create this chart:
1. Select the range A1:C13, and create a Stacked Bar Chart.
2. Delete the legend.
3. Select the category (vertical) axis, and display the Format Axis dialog box.
4. In the Format Axis dialog box, click the Axis Options tab and specify Categories in
Reverse Order to display the tasks in order, starting at the top. Choose Horizontal Axis
Crosses at Maximum Category to display the dates at the bottom.
5. Select the Start Date data series, and display the Format Data Series dialog box.
6. In the Format Data Series dialog box, click the Series Options tab and set the Series
Overlap to 100%. Click the Fill tab, and specify No Fill. Click the Border Color tab and
specify No Line.
These steps effectively hide the data series.
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