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8. In the Format Axis dialog box, adjust the Minimum and Maximum settings to
accommodate the dates that you want to display on the axis.
In this example, the Minimum is May 3, 2010, and the Maximum is July 26, 2010. Specify 7
for the Major Unit, to display one-week intervals. Use the number tab to specify a date
format for the axis labels.
9. Apply other formatting as desired.
Creating a box plot
A box plot (sometimes known as a quartile plot ) is often used to summarize data. Figure 17-9
shows a box plot created for four groups of data. The raw data appears in columns A through D.
The range G2:J7, used in the chart, contains formulas that summarize the data. Table 17-1 shows
the formulas in column G (which were copied to the three columns to the right).
A workbook with this example is available on the companion CD-ROM. The filename is
box plot.xlsx .
Figure 17-9: This box plot summarizes the data in columns A through D.
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