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Chart Examples
9. Activate the chart and select the data series.
10. In the SERIES formula, replace the range references with the names that you defined in
Steps 4 and 7. The formula should read:
Figure 17-11: This chart displays the six most recent data points.
To plot a different number of data points, adjust the formulas entered in Steps 4 and 7.
Replace all occurrences of 6 with your new value.
The example in this section, named plot last n data points.xlsx , is available on
the companion CD-ROM.
Selecting a series from a combo box
Figure 17-12 shows a chart that displays data as specified by a drop-down control (known as a
combo box ). The chart uses the data in A1:D2, but the month selected in the combo box
determines the contents of these cells. Range A6:D17 contains the monthly data, and formulas in
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