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Chart Examples
A2:D2 display the data using the value in cell F1 (which is linked to the combo box). For example,
when cell F1 contains the value 4, the chart displays data for April (the fourth month).
Figure 17-12: Selecting data to plot using a combo box.
The formula in cell A2 is
This formula was copied to B2:D2.
The key here is to get the combo box to display the month names and place the selected month
index into cell F1. To create the combo box, follow these steps:
1. Make sure that Excel’s Developer tab is displayed.
If you don’t see this tab, right-click the Ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon. In the
list of tabs on right, place a check mark next to Developer.
2. Choose Developer
Insert, and click the Combo Box icon in the Form Controls
3. Drag in the worksheet to create the control.
4. Right-click the combo box and choose Format Control to display the Format Control
dialog box.
5. In the Format Control dialog box, click the Control tab.
6. Specify A6:A17 as the Input Range, and specify F1 as the Cell link.
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