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Chart Examples
Figure 17-13: This chart plots the SIN( x).
Figure 17-14 shows a general-purpose, single-variable plotting application. The data for the chart
is calculated by a Data Table in columns I:J. Follow these steps to use this application:
1. Enter a formula in cell B7. The formula should contain at least one x variable.
In the figure, the formula in cell B7 is
=SIN(PI() *x) * (PI() *x)
2. Type the minimum value for x in cell B8.
3. Type the maximum value for x cell B9.
The formula in cell B7 displays the value of y for the minimum value of x. The Data Table,
however, evaluates the formula for 200 equally spaced values of x, and these values appear in the
This workbook, named function plot 2D.xlsx , is available on the companion
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