Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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The Excel User Interface
h Change the order of the groups within a tab
h Change the name of a tab
h Change the name of a group
h Move a group to a different tab
h Reset the Ribbon to remove all customizations
That’s a fairly comprehensive list of customization options, but there are some actions that you
cannot do:
h You cannot remove built-in tabs — but you can hide them.
h You cannot remove commands from built-in groups.
h You cannot change the order of commands in a built-in group.
Smart Tags
A Smart Tag is a small icon that appears automatically in your worksheet after you complete
certain actions. Clicking a Smart Tag (or pressing Ctrl) reveals several options.
For example, if you copy and paste a range of cells, Excel generates a Smart Tag that appears
below the pasted range (see Figure 1-5). Excel features several other Smart Tags, and additional
Smart Tags can be provided by third-party providers.
Figure 1-5: This Smart Tag appears when you paste a copied range.
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