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Creating a Pivot Table
Formatting the pivot table
Notice that the pivot table uses General number formatting. To change the number format used,
select any value and choose PivotTable Tools
Field Settings to display
the Data Field Settings dialog box. Click the Number Format button and change the number
Active Field
You can apply any of several built-in styles to a pivot table. Select any cell in the pivot table and
choose PivotTable Tools
PivotTable Styles to select a style.
Layout group to control various
elements in the pivot table. For example, you can choose to hide the grand totals if you prefer.
You also can use the controls in the PivotTable
The PivotTable Tools
Options Show/Hide group contains additional options that affect the
appearance of your pivot table. For example, you use the Show Field Headers button to toggle
the display of the field headings.
Still more pivot table options are available in the PivotTable Options dialog box, shown in Figure
18-10. To display this dialog box, choose PivotTable Tools
Options. Or, right-click any cell in the pivot table and choose Table Options from the shortcut
PivotTable Options
Figure 18-10: The PivotTable Options dialog box.
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