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More Pivot Table Examples
Figure 18-14: This pivot table shows totals by day of the week.
Question 3
How many accounts were opened at each branch, broken down by account type?
Figure 18-15 shows a pivot table that answers this question.
h The AcctType field is in the Column Labels section.
h The Branch field is in the Row Labels section.
h The Amount field is in the Value section and is summarized by Count.
Figure 18-15: This pivot table uses the Count function to summarize the data.
The most common summary function used in pivot tables is Sum. In this case, I changed the
summary function to Count. To change the summary function to Count, right-click any cell in the
Value area and choose Summarize Data By Count from the shortcut menu.
Question 4
What’s the dollar distribution of the different account types?
Figure 18-16 shows a pivot table that answers this question. For example, 253 of the new
accounts were for an amount of $5,000 or less.
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