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More Pivot Table Examples
This pivot table is unusual because it uses three instances of a single field: Amount.
h The Amount field is in the Row Labels section (grouped).
h The Amount field is also in the Values section and is summarized by Count.
h A third instance of the Amount field is the Values section, summarized by Percent of
Figure 18-16: This pivot table counts the number of accounts that fall into each value range.
When I initially added the Amount field to the Row Labels section, the pivot table showed a row
for each unique dollar amount. I right-clicked one of the amounts and chose Group from the
shortcut menu. Then I used Excel’s Grouping dialog box to set up bins of $5,000 increments.
The second instance of the Amount field (in the Values section) is summarized by Count. I
rightclicked a value and chose Summarize Data By
I added another instance of Amount to the Values section, and I set it up to display the
percentage. I used the Show Values As tab of the Data Field Settings dialog box and specified % of
Grand Total. To display the Data Field Settings dialog box, right-click any cell and choose
Summarize Data As
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What types of accounts do tellers open most often?
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