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Creating a Calculated Field or Calculated Item
Figure 18-33: The Insert Calculated Field dialog box.
You can create the formula manually by typing it or by double-clicking items in the
Fields list box. Double-clicking an item transfers it to the Formula field. Because the
Units Sold field contains a space, Excel adds single quotes around the field name.
After you create the calculated field, Excel adds it to the Values area of the pivot table (and it
also appears in the PivotTable Field List). You can treat it just like any other field, with one
exception: You can’t move it to the Row Labels, Column Labels, or Report Filter areas. It must remain in
the Values area.
Figure 18-34 shows the pivot table after adding the calculated field. The new field displayed Sum
of Avg Unit Price, but I changed this label to Avg Price. I also changed the style to display
banded columns.
Figure 18-34: This pivot table uses a calculated field.
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