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The Excel Help System
You can use Ctrl+* (asterisk) to select an entire table. And when a large range is selected, you
can use Ctrl+. (period) to move among the four corners of the range.
Table command), you’ll find that
(beginning with Excel 2007) Ctrl+A works in a new way. Press it once to select the table cells
only. Press Ctrl+A a second time, and it selects the entire table (including the header and totals
row). Press it a third time, and it selects all cells on the worksheet.
If you’re working in a table (created with the Insert
Clicking an object placed on the drawing layer selects the object. An exception occurs if the
object has a macro assigned to it. In such a case, clicking the object executes the macro. To
select multiple objects or noncontiguous cells, press Ctrl while you select the objects or cells.
The Excel Help System
One of Excel’s most important features is its Help system. The Help icon, a blue circle with a
question mark in it, is located near the upper-right corner of the Excel window. Clicking the Help
icon or pressing the F1 function key displays the Help system window, as shown in Figure 1-8.
Figure 1-8: The Excel Help system window.
The two primary methods for navigating Help are the Search box and the Table of Contents.
Typing keywords into the Search box and clicking the Search button displays a list of relevant
Help articles in the main window. The Table of Contents lists many related Help articles organized
by chapters. The Table of Contents window can be hidden when not in use. Note that the Search
button is actually a drop-down control. Click the small arrow, and you can choose the general type
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