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Chapter 19: Conditional Formatting and Data Validation
Figure 19-4: The length of the data bars is proportional to the value in the cell.
Using data bars in lieu of a chart
Using the data bars conditional formatting can sometimes serve as a quick alternative to creating
a chart. Figure 19-5 shows a three-column table of data (created using Insert Tables Table),
with data bars conditional formatting applied in the third column. The third column of the table
contains references to the values in the second column. The conditional formatting in the third
column uses the Show Bars Only option, so the values are not displayed.
The examples in this section are available on the companion CD-ROM. The workbook is
named data bars examples.xlsx .
Figure 19-6 shows an actual bar chart created from the same data. The bar chart takes about the
same amount of time to create and is a lot more flexible. But for a quick-and-dirty chart, data
bars are a good option — especially when you need to create several such charts.
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