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In Depth Information
See Chapter 19 for more information on conditional formatting.
A table is a specially designated range in a worksheet. Converting a range into a table makes it
easier to perform many operations on that data.
The data in a table is related in a specific way. The rows represent related objects, and the
columns represent specific pieces of information about each of those objects. If, for instance, you
have a table of library books, each row would hold the information for one book. Columns might
include title, author, publisher, date, and so on. In database terminology, the rows are records,
and the columns are fields.
If your data is arranged in this fashion, you can designate it as a table by selecting the range and
then choosing Insert
Table. Excel inserts generic column headings if none exist; the
column heading includes drop-down controls. These drop-down controls, as well as the Table Tools
context tab on the Ribbon, provide quick access to many table-related features like sorting,
filtering, and formatting. In addition, using formulas within a table offers some clear advantages.
See Chapter 9 for more information about the table feature.
Worksheet Formulas and Functions
Formulas, of course, make a spreadsheet a spreadsheet. Excel’s formula-building capability is as
good as it gets. You will discover this as you explore subsequent chapters in this topic.
Worksheet functions allow you to perform calculations or operations that would otherwise be
impossible. Excel provides a huge number of built-in functions, including dozens of new functions
introduced in Excel 2010.
See Chapter 4 for more information about worksheet functions.
Most spreadsheets allow you to define names for cells and ranges, but Excel handles names in
some unique ways. A name represents an identifier that enables you to refer to a cell, range,
value, or formula. Using names makes your formulas easier to create and read.
I devote Chapter 3 entirely to names.
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