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Objects on the Drawing Layer
Objects on the Drawing Layer
As I mention earlier in this chapter, each worksheet has an invisible drawing layer, which holds
shapes, SmartArt, charts, pictures, and controls (such as buttons and list boxes). I discuss some
of these items in the following sections.
You can insert a wide variety of shapes from Insert
Shapes. After you place a shape on your
worksheet, you can modify the shape by selecting it and dragging its handles. In addition, you
can apply built-in shape styles, fill effects, or 3-D effects to the shape. Also, you can group
multiple shapes into a single drawing object, which you’ll find easier to size or position.
Pictures, clip art, and SmartArt can be inserted from the Insert
Illustrations group. Figure 1-9
shows some objects on the drawing layer of a worksheet.
Figure 1-9: Objects on a worksheet drawing layer. Excel makes a great doodle pad.
Linked picture objects
A linked picture is a shape object that shows a range. When the range is changed, the shape
object changes along with it. To use this object, select a range and press Ctrl+C to copy it. Then
choose Home
Linked Picture. This command is useful if you want to print a
noncontiguous selection of ranges. You can “take pictures” of the ranges and then paste the
pictures together in a single area, which you can then print.
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