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Customizing Excel
Sparkline graphics
A new feature in Excel 2010 is Sparkline graphics. A Sparkline is a chart that occupies a single
cell. Sparklines are usually used in groups to provide a quick overview of trends in your data.
Figure 1-11 shows a worksheet with Sparklines.
Figure 1-11: Sparkline graphics shows trends in your data.
Customizing Excel
This section describes two features that enable you to customize Excel — macros and add-ins.
Excel’s VBA programming language is a powerful tool that can make Excel perform otherwise
impossible feats. You can classify the procedures that you create with VBA into two general
h Macros that automate various aspects of Excel
h Macros that serve as custom functions that you can use in worksheet formulas
Part VI of this topic describes how to use and create custom worksheet functions
using VBA.
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