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Megaformula Examples
3. Replace the two references to range D5:D20 with the array formula contained in D5:20.
Doing so results in the following array formula in cell G1:
4. Replace the references to cell C5:C20 with the array formula in C5:C20.
Note that you must have a set of parentheses around the copied formula text. The result
is as follows:
5. Replacing the references to B5:B20 with the array formula contained in B5:B20 yields the
6. Substitute the array formula in range A5:A20 for the references to that range.
The resulting array formula is as follows:
7. Substitute the formula in cell F2 for the two references to cell F2.
After making the substitutions, the formula is as follows:
You can delete the now superfluous intermediate formulas. The final megaformula, a mere 229
characters in length, does the work of 51 intermediary formulas!
Generating random names
The final example is a useful application that generates random names. It uses three name lists,
compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau: 4,275 female first names; 1,219 male first names; and 18,839
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