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Megaformula Examples
last names. The names are sorted by frequency of occurrence. The megaformula selects random
names such that more frequently occurring names have a higher probability of being selected.
Therefore, if you create a list of random names, they will appear to be somewhat realistic.
(Common names will appear more often than uncommon names.)
Figure 20-7 shows the workbook. Cells B7 and B8 contain values that determine the probability
that the random name is a male as well as the probability that the random name contains a
middle initial. The randomly generated names begin in cell A11.
This workbook, named name generator.xlsx , is available on the companion
Figure 20-7: This workbook uses a megaformula to generate realistic random names.
The megaformula is as follows (the workbook uses several names):
FemaleProbability,–1)))&IF(RAND()<=PctMiddle,” “&
“.”,””)&” “&INDEX(LastNames,MATCH(RAND(),LastProbability,–1))
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