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The Pros and Cons of Megaformulas
I don’t list the intermediate formulas here, but you can examine them by opening the file on the
The Pros and Cons of Megaformulas
If you followed the examples in this chapter, you probably realize that the main advantage of
creating a megaformula is to eliminate intermediate formulas. Doing so can streamline your
worksheet, reduce the size of your workbook files, and may even result in slightly faster
The downside? Creating a megaformula does, of course, require some additional time and effort.
And, as you’ve undoubtedly noticed, a megaformula is virtually impossible for anyone (even the
author) to figure out. If you decide to use megaformulas, take extra care to ensure that the
intermediate formulas are performing correctly before you start building a megaformula. Even better,
keep a single copy of the intermediate formulas somewhere in case you discover an error or need
to make a change.
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