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Internet Features
Add-in programs
An add-in is a program attached to Excel that gives it additional functionality. For example, you
can store custom worksheet functions in an add-in. To attach an add-in, use the Add-Ins tab in
the Excel Options dialog box.
Excel ships with quite a few add-ins, and you can purchase or download many third-party
addins from online services. My Power Utility Pak is an example of an add-in (use the coupon in the
back of the the topic to order a copy at a discounted price).
Chapter 23 describes how to create your own add-ins that contain custom worksheet
Internet Features
Excel includes a number of features that relate to the Internet. For example, you can save a
worksheet or an entire workbook in HTML format, accessible in a Web browser. In addition, you can
insert clickable hyperlinks (including e-mail addresses) directly into cells.
You can also create Web queries to bring in data stored in a corporate intranet or on the Internet.
Analysis Tools
Excel is certainly no slouch when it comes to analysis. After all, most people use a spreadsheet
for analysis. Many analytical tasks can be handled with formulas, but Excel offers many other
options, which I discuss in the following sections.
Database access
Over the years, most spreadsheets have enabled users to work with simple flat database tables.
Excel’s database features fall into two main categories:
h Worksheet databases: The entire database is stored in a worksheet. In theory, an Excel
worksheet database can have no more than 1,048,575 records (because the top row
holds the field names) and 16,384 fields (one per column). In practice, such a large
database is not possible.
h External databases: The data is stored outside Excel, such as in an Access file or in SQL
Generally, when the cell pointer resides within a worksheet database, Excel recognizes it and
displays the field names whenever possible. For example, if you move the cell pointer within a
worksheet database and choose the Data
Sort & Filter
Sort command, Excel allows you to select
the sort keys by choosing field names from a drop-down list.
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