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Excel’s Auditing Tools
VBA considers TRUE to be –1, and FALSE to be 0.
The conclusion is that you need to be aware of Excel’s inconsistencies and also be careful when
summing a range that contains logical values.
Circular reference errors
A circular reference is a formula that contains a reference to the cell that contains the formula.
The reference may be direct or indirect. For help tracking down a circular reference, see the
following section, “Excel’s Auditing Tools.”
As described in Chapter 16, you may encounter some situations in which you create an
intentional circular reference.
Excel’s Auditing Tools
Excel includes a number of tools that can help you track down formula errors. The following
sections describe the auditing tools built into Excel.
Identifying cells of a particular type
The Go To Special dialog box is a handy tool that enables you to locate cells of a particular type.
To display this dialog box, choose Home
Find & Select
Go To Special, which displays
the Go To Special dialog box, as shown in Figure 21-7.
Figure 21-7: The Go To Special dialog box.
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