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Excel’s Auditing Tools
If you select a multicell range before displaying the Go To Special dialog box, the
command operates only within the selected cells. If a single cell is selected, the command
operates on the entire worksheet.
You can use the Go To Special dialog box to select cells of a certain type, which can often help
you identify errors. For example, if you choose the Formulas option, Excel selects all the cells that
contain a formula. If you zoom the worksheet out to a small size, you can get a good idea of the
worksheet’s organization (see Figure 21-8).
Selecting the formula cells may also help you to spot a common error — a formula that
has been replaced accidentally with a value. If you find a cell that’s not selected amid a
group of selected formula cells, chances are good that the cell previously contained a
formula that has been replaced by a value.
Figure 21-8: Zooming out and selecting all formula cells can give you a good overview of how the
worksheet is designed.
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